Modular Home Financing Options

When you’re buying or building a new home, you need to find the right financing option before you begin looking for your dream home. Manufactured homes are becoming more and more popular compared to traditional home buying, but the financing process is a little bit different. Don’t let that difference intimidate you! We’re here to […]

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Keys to Unlock Your New Home Potential

What to Expect When Buying and Building The decision to buy a new or existing house excites and scares us all at the same time, because home matters. It makes a difference in our quality of life and is often people’s biggest lifetime asset and investment. Your home should be a valued personal space and […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Modular Home?

Here at Green Diamond Builders, Inc., one of the first things prospective buyers ask about is the modular home cost. While this might appear to be a relatively straightforward question, the answer isn’t so simple. The average cost of modular homes can vary widely based on factors such as square footage, floor plan and, of […]

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