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Are you considering building a new home in Maryland or Delaware, but are not completely sold on the idea of living in a modular home? Green Diamond Builders can provide stick-built home construction that will meet your exact specifications.

Choosing stick-built construction for your new home will result in a beautiful, sturdy structure where you can live happily for years to come. As a full-service home design and construction company, we can guide you through the entire process, from initial design until your new home is ready to move in!

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What Is a Stick-Built Home?

A stick-built home differs from a modular structure in that the individual components are not built in a factory and transported to the site. Instead, the entire construction process is completed on-site. All framing, trusses, roofs and so forth are built at the home location using individual pieces of lumber or metal. Thus, stick construction is considered a more traditional type of home building process than modular construction.

According to the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, more than 90 percent of new homes in the U.S. still feature stick-built house construction. Modular housing is a comparatively recent method of home-building, as it’s only become common practice over the last century or so. What is a stick home then? With stick-building, the entire home manufacturing process takes place directly within your view. This method is popular, considering the near-limitless range of customization opportunities.

Although stick-building takes time and effort, your entire structure will be completely unique. If you’re interested in learning more about what a stick home is and what goes into the production process, we’re happy to provide further details.

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What Are the Advantages of Stick-Built Home Construction?

While modular home construction technology has certainly improved in recent years, some home buyers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their structure is being built using more traditional construction techniques. In fact, there are many stick-built homes in existence in Maryland and Delaware that were constructed a century or more ago. Other key advantages of stick-built home construction include:

  • Builders have a thorough understanding of the process — Because stick building has been around for so long, nearly all home construction professionals such as architects, contractors, carpenters and builders understand the technique. This high level of experience in stick home construction ensures that most of these structures will be made to last. At Green Diamond Builders, we adhere to all the necessary safety codes and work diligently to provide a home that makes you feel safe and comfortable every day.
  • The piece-by-piece construction process lets you have greater input — You”ll get the sense that you are actually participating in the building of your new home. Choosing to have a stick-built home placed on your property means you can take a more active role in the operation. For instance, you can make special customization requests, ask questions and even do walkthroughs during some projects.
  • Greater flexibility to make on-site adjustments if necessary — Because modular homes are put together in a factory or facility, you may end up compromising on some structural components when you use this method. Meanwhile, stick-built construction provides greater flexibility for changes. If a sudden issue comes up during construction or you change your mind about something, there may be other options available.

Why Choose Stick-Built Homes?

It’s easy to get confused by the misconceptions of stick-built construction and how it differs from modular homes. The disadvantage of choosing a modular (or “prefabricated”) home is that some prefabricated designs offer fewer customization options than stick-built ones. A house built from the ground up on your property is more likely to meet your specific needs and preferences than one that’s already been constructed off-site.

Stick-built homes are also typically less disruptive to your lot and the surrounding neighborhood. Because these houses are specially designed to fit the size and requirements of your site, construction workers can take care of everything without needing as much extra space or heavy equipment. This can be very beneficial for owners who want to preserve delicate land, such as waterfront property, throughout the building process.

While job quality depends heavily on the team doing the work, traditionally built homes are known for their durability and great resell value. Why have your house components prefabricated when you can get a stick-built structure placed right on your property for a competitive price?

Why Choose Green Diamond Builders?

Green Diamond Builders has the experience, resources and expertise to construct the beautiful stick-built home of your dreams. This includes expert, on-site stick-built home design. View our residential gallery for more information about our floor plans, including cape cod and ranch style stick built homes. We’ll work closely with you to incorporate your own ideas into the customized design of your new home. We’ll also be there to oversee every phase of the construction process, right up until the time we hand you your Certificate of Occupancy.

You can also take advantage of our broad range of valuable services that will help you maximize your home buying and building experience, including lot clearing, demolition, permit acquisition and more. We’re here to make the process as seamless as possible for you, which is why we provide a variety of versatile construction options. We have a variety of pre-planned communities to explore or we can work with you to find your perfect lot. Our professionals are glad to serve you anywhere in Maryland or Delaware.

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Are you ready to build a one-of-a-kind stick-built home? To learn more about whether custom stick-built home plans best meet your home construction needs in Delaware or Maryland, contact Green Diamond Builders today. We can make your dreams of custom home ownership come true!

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