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Having your very own custom home designed and built is a dream for many people. A home that’s truly unique and reflective of your personal tastes is a vision that reflects your lifestyle. It’s a combination of your imagination and creativity — a goal that someday you’ll accomplish.

At Green Diamond Builders, we can help your dream become a reality. Since 2004, we’ve worked to make dreams come true for more than 300 families. Green Diamond Builders is one of the top custom home builders in Maryland, as well as being experienced new home builders in Delaware. We’d be proud to include you to our list of satisfied clients who own custom homes in one of our three communities. We also love the idea of working with you to design and build a custom home on your own land.

But many people fail to realize their dream of having a custom home built. Often, people settle for an existing home that doesn’t quite meet their needs or live up to their expectations. That’s usually because they don’t understand what customization is. They see it as a term associated with extravagant expense or significant stress in suffering through a long and uncertain building process. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

What Is a Custom-Built Home?

If you’re looking for a Maryland custom home builder or custom home builders in Delaware, Green Diamond Builders should be your first stop. We’re a full-service custom builder offering a wide range of customization options. We have the knowledge, experience and associates to allow your choice of custom features that you can work into a home currently under construction in one of our three communities. Or, we can modify an existing floor plan to suit your specifications.

full-service custom builder in maryland and delaware

We can help take your idea for a custom home and work with you through every step of the home-building process. Green Diamond Builders can develop your building plans, obtain the necessary permits, install your site services and construct your home — all the way from pouring the foundation to handing you the occupancy certificate. Best of all, we can do this on your lot or on one of land and home packages.

Green Diamond Builders offers an endless variety of options for discerning homeowners. Customization has many levels. It can mean as little as picking your colors and cabinets in an already designed home, or as much as being involved in every step of the building process. You can choose a modular home that Green Diamond Builders supplies and modify and finish it to your specifications. Or we can stick-build a truly custom home that has no counterpart.

Let’s look at some of the most popular options available when you work with a top MD custom home builder and one of the best custom home builders in Delaware.

Customize a Green Diamond Builders Home Plan

Regardless of whether you’re supplying your own land, or you have us build within one of our developing communities, the best place to start is by browsing through our Residential Gallery. Here, you’ll find many designs that have proven to be popular with Green Diamond Builders’ clients. You’ll likely find something suitable we can finish as you’d like.

You might find that one of our stock plans sparks your imagination and you see ways it can be modified to fit your vision. It’s easy to work with a Green Diamond Builders representative to customize a plan from the Residential Gallery. Maybe you’d like the garage swapped to the other side, or you might like to add an extra bedroom or tack on a porch.

Starting with a stock plan and then tailoring it to your custom features doesn’t just happen on paper. We work with you throughout the building process to make sure all the details are as you’d like them. The finished product will truly be custom, including your tastes in façade, flooring and finishings.

Design a Custom Home From Scratch


What if you don’t find a plan you like in the Residential Gallery? That’s not a problem, as Green Diamond Builders can work with you and design a custom home from scratch. Our flexibility is one of the reasons we’re a preferred Maryland custom home builder as well as being one of the leading Delaware custom home builders.

We can take your two-dimensional dream and make it a three-dimensional reality. We start with assessing your personal desires. That may start with the design and finding the right lot or taking your existing property and making the floor plan fit to the site. We work with many influences that include:

  • Architectural theme of your home, such as Cape Cod, Ranch or Colonial
  • Approximate square footage, layout and number of stories
  • Specific site features, like sun pattern and view corridors
  • Lot slope, final grading and landscape features

We also work within your budget. With more than 300 completed projects in well more than a decade, we at Green Diamond Builders are acutely aware of current building costs in the Maryland and Delaware markets. Our experience has showed us that size and design are the two main factors that influence the total working budget.

A realistic discussion will help tell us if the custom-from-scratch route is best for you. It will also tell what construction method is your best choice. Many of the custom homes we construct are called “stick-built.” This refers to homes that are physically constructed piece-by-piece using dimensional lumber, or “sticks,” from the ground up. In some cases, stick building is the most practical. Stick-built homes are site-specific and completely customizable for a particular design on an individual location.

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Put Your Custom Touches on a Green Diamond Builders Community Home

An affordable option many Green Diamond Builders customers have chosen is to put their custom touches on a home that’s being planned or under construction in one of our communities under development. This is a great way to make a generic plan or standard model home your own. It’s fast, easy and can be a helpful option if the thought of building a fully custom home intimidates you.

We usually have properties available in the communities where we build, all of which depending on their individual stage of construction, offer a variety of customization options. Purchasing a model home that is under construction or one that had already been completed allows you to move into your new home more quickly.

Whether you want a little involvement or a lot, Green Diamond Builders is open to working with you to make sure your home is truly a reflection of yourself and your family. Customizing is also part of the full range of services Green Diamond Builders offers for all land and home packages. That includes working on your existing land or letting our staff real estate agent help you find land.

Build a Custom Home on Your Land

It’s common for Green Diamond Builders to work with clients who already own a plot of land and need a custom home built on it. This can be a small urban lot or a large rural acreage. The size doesn’t matter, because every building site has its own particular challenges. Selecting Green Diamond Builders to be your builder means you have access to our expansive experience in working with all types of building scenarios, which enables us to quickly and effectively complete your build.

When you choose Green Diamond Builders, you have access to an entire menu of construction services. We do more than just design and build custom homes. We are experts in all components of the building process, and have the experience in guiding you through every aspect of custom home building. Our services include:

custom home building services

Green Diamond Builders goes a step further in serving our customers. As a respected and connected custom home builder in Delaware and Maryland, we’ve assembled a team that includes professional real estate representation and the ability to source competitive financing. We can simplify the lending solution by introducing you to a reputable financier. We can also help you find the right lot for your new custom home.


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But new home building is not all we do at Green Diamond Builders. We have other construction services available to you as a homeowner or as a businessperson. We serve an extended market that includes:

  • Pole Buildings. These are outbuildings that stand alone and are supported by a post-and-beam system referred to as poles. Pole buildings are prefabricated structures that easily erect and serve as economical alternatives for garages, barns and shelters. Pole buildings lend well to customization.
  • Commercial Buildings. We’re experienced in bringing custom building into the commercial market. We’ve successfully completed projects involving senior centers, medical facilities and offices. We’ve even worked on a custom construction building for a yoga studio. View our custom commercial buildings in our Commercial Gallery.
  • Fire Restoration. Unfortunately, fire sometimes damages or destroys buildings. When a fire happens, it takes a specialized company to clean up and rebuild a burned building. Green Diamond Builders has experience in fire restoration and takes a custom approach to solving fire damage.

Let Green Diamond Builders help you build your dream new home today. Contact our team today for a free floor plan.

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