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America’s modular home industry is thriving. In fact, it’s an $8 billion dollar industry that is only expected to continue to grow through 2022. There are several reasons why this industry has experienced a boom in recent years and why it continues to expand.

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When looking at what a modular home is, how it’s constructed and the advantages it has over traditional custom constnruction, it’s easy to see why the modular home industry is so healthy. For one, modular homes or prefab homes are built with high standards of quality in a controlled and protected environment to ensure this quality lasts. Because of how they are so efficiently produced, modular homes are also extremely cost-effective — a benefit that gets passed on to the homeowner.

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This efficiency and affordability is achieved by building homes as individual components or “modules” inside climate-controlled and mass-produced factory conditions where the modules are constructed under precise specifications with critical supervision. Better use is made of building materials, which keeps the waste and cost down. The power of bulk purchasing also offers huge volume discounts that are far greater than site-builders can negotiate.

Once the home’s modules are built, they’re trucked to a pre-serviced site, and the final construction is completed to join the modules as one large living structure. This allows a time frame where the home’s frame and finished modules are constructed in quality-controlled factory conditions while the foundation and site services are underway. The time between start to finish with modular home construction can be a matter of weeks, where in conventional, stick-built conditions, the home building process stretches into months.

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Because of the nature of how modular homes are produced, they are considered by many to be one of the most environmentally friendly housing options available. From start to finish, prefab homes are designed, constructed, and delivered in more energy efficient and fuel efficient ways that reduce waste wherever possible.

Modular pieces are also designed to fit tighter, leaving less opportunity for heat and cold loss and more opportunity for improved energy efficiency. Human health is also considered in the modular home construction process. The use of low-VOC products like glues, caulks and paints helps improve indoor air-quality for the home’s residents.

All of these benefits have merged at a time when demand for more affordable, quality and energy-efficient housing has risen as a result of economic and social conditions. Homebuyers now see prefab homes as a valuable housing option and a strategic investment. They understand the countless advantages that modular homes have over site or stick-built homes.

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New modular home buyers enjoy the flexibility in home design and building site selection. Homebuyers can also have the unique experience of watching their modular home be constructed before their eyes. Homebuyers today are looking to partner with modular home builders in Delaware who can deliver a quality product through a reliable and efficient construction process.

Green Diamond Builders has the expertise and resources to construct your modular home in Delaware. With over 300 happy families living in Green Diamond Builders homes, we have the experience to work closely with you through every step of the modular home construction process. From the initial selection of floor plan through customizing the design to the permitting, servicing, foundation and delivery stages, Green Diamond Builders guide you through the process until handing over your Certificate of Occupancy.

Green Diamond Builders does more than give you the keys to your new modular home. We explain the building process and explain the advantages and benefits of buying a prefab home over of a conventional stick-built home. We want to ensure you understand the exceptional value you receive when buying a modular home in Delaware.

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Advantages of Modular Homes

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When compared to site or stick-built homes, modular homes offer distinct advantages:

  • Controlled Environment: Modular homes are constructed inside a factory where environmental conditions are controlled through every step of the process. The temperature is kept consistent with no excessive heat affecting materials and workers, and the humidity is constant. There is no rain, dew, ice or snow damaging the structure while it’s under construction. In stick-frame homes, weather is the biggest detriment that damages materials and slows down workers.
  • Superior Quality Control: In a factory setting, modular homes are manufactured under strict quality control measures that can’t be duplicated in a site-built situation. Each step in the building process is carefully prescribed and professionally conducted by a skilled worker who is a specialist in their task. Stringent quality assurance supervision ensures no steps are missed or poorly undertaken. By law, modular homes must be inspected by a third party that signs off before the modules leave the factory, certifying that all construction materials and methods meet or exceed Delaware building codes.
  • Consistent Construction Process: Modular homes are exceptionally well built. Using a mass-produced assembly line process, each component of a modular home is built and installed in a consistent manner by workers and tools that are trained for and designed specifically for the task at hand. In the stick-built process, workers usually handle many different tasks and the advantage of consistent construction techniques are often relaxed.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency: Modular homes are constructed using materials that are seamlessly joined to provide an air-tight building envelope. This tightly sealed air and vapor barrier provides great energy savings by preventing the loss or gain of energy robbing heat and cold. Heating and cooling costs can be greatly reduced by the energy efficiency found in modular home construction.
  • Cost-effective Building Process: Modular homes are built in quicker cycle times and create less waste due to maximum use of supplies. This efficiency in labor and materials creates a cost-per-square-foot far less than stick-built homes. Factory builders also are able to negotiate much better pricing for their suppliers through volume buying that site builders simply can’t purchase. These costs are passed on to the purchaser of modular homes.
  • Greater Design Flexibility: Using easily configurable modules allows much greater architectural appointment and design freedom. Leading Delaware modular home builders like Green Diamond Builders offer design flexibility with a wide range of floorplans that can easily be customized exactly to a homebuyer’s tastes.
  • Better Building Benefits: Investing in a modular home allows you to benefit from the best in building practices while enjoying the lowest possible costs. From a shorter construction time and reduced material waste to higher quality assurance, customization options and even energy efficiency, modular homes exceed the expectations of even the most experienced homebuyers. As if that’s not enough, modular homes are cleaner homes. The climate-controlled environment of a factory setting results in home modules that have less trapped dust, mold and insect infestations.

Green Diamond Builders Modular Homes

Not all Delaware modular home builders are alike. Green Diamond Builders is proud to say we’re among the most reputable in the state when it comes to building exceptional modular homes. We offer the best value possible with the greatest service options available.

Green Diamond Builders is a licensed modular home manufacturer in Delaware that offers the advantage of extensive experience in the modular home building process. Since 2004, we’ve helped hundreds of families design and build their dream home. We offer a wide variety of innovative modular home floorplans in Delaware that can be customized to meet your design requirements.

We’re a full service builder who can simplify the process of building your dream modular home in DE. Green Diamond Builders provide complete project management services to remove the stress of building a new home. We have connections with reputable lenders in the Delaware area to help simplify the financing process, as well as the right real estate connections to assist in finding your perfect lot or acreage if you don’t select a property in one of our communities in Delaware and Maryland.

There are a number of modular home builders in Delaware, but not every builder produces the same level of quality or provides an extensive range of building services. When shopping for modular homes for sale in Delaware, take a close look at the modular home manufacturers to find one that fits your needs.

The most important factors to look for in your evaluation process should be:

  • Licensing: Make sure the modular home builder meets all of the Delaware state licensing conditions and certifications and provides a comprehensive home warranty.
  • Reputation: Simply because a prefab home manufacturer has obtained the proper licensing and certification to allow them to operate in Delaware, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll meet your quality expectations and provide top-notch service. Green Diamond Builders has hundreds of satisfied families who live in modular homes. You can learn a lot about a company by listening to what its customers have to say.
  • Availability of Additional Services: There are many steps involved in designing and building a custom modular home. Since 2004, Green Diamond Builders has provided a complete range of prefab home building services to make your home-buying experience as smooth as possible. We provide design, permitting, property, financing, site improvements and servicing, lot clearing, wells, septic systems, driveways, basements and even accessory structures that we call “pole buildings.”


Green Diamond Builders is Delaware’s leading and complete, turn-key modular home builder. We have three project communities where we offer modular home construction, site or stick-built custom homes and detached pole buildings. Check out our communities where we can design and build your custom modular home.


Additional Services from Green Diamond Builders

Green Diamond Builders does more than design and build custom modular homes. Since 2004, our family-run business owned by Steve and Mary Jackson has worked with hundreds of families to build their dream custom homes.

Pole Buildings

We’ve also specialized in pole buildings. These are free-standing structures designed with the roof trusses supported by columns or poles that transfer the loads to the ground. Pole buildings are ideal additions to existing properties to be used as garages, storage facilities, home-based business buildings or even light warehouses. Ask about having a pole building constructed by Green Diamond Builders to go along with your new prefab home.

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Commercial Construction

Green Diamond Builders has branched into commercial construction and has proven experience in designing and building medical facilities, seniors centers and even rustic cabins for state parks. Contact Green Diamond Builders and see how we can meet your commercial construction needs.

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Fire Restoration

Green Diamond Builders works with families who have lost their homes to fire. This experience has taught us how to coordinate with insurance companies to get you back into your home as quickly as possible. Visit our Fire Restoration page to see how we have made a difference in the lives of the families affected by such a traumatic event.

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From your concepts to the finished product, you can enjoy the confidence and security of knowing that Green Diamond Builders has the knowledge and experience that you can depend on. We build with integrity and offer services that make the home buying process simpler.

We strive for trust and customer satisfaction through continued communication, customer education and honesty. Visit one of our sales centers or contact us for an easier modular home building experience in Delaware and to learn more on modular home pricing.

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