Prefabricated Homes Built in Delaware and Maryland

Prefab Homes for Sale in Maryland and Delaware

Whether you refer to them as modular or prefab, there’s no disputing that prefabricated homes are growing in popularity throughout Maryland and Delaware. A prefab home is not a mobile home or trailer — it’s a permanent structure that must conform to the same building codes as traditional stick-built homes. Thus, buyers of prefab homes for sale in MD and DE can expect to live in a structure offering high quality, value and durability.

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On-Site vs. Off-Site Construction

The most obvious difference between stick-built and prefab homes is the manner in which they’re constructed. The entire traditional home building process takes place on the lot. All materials are delivered to the site and construction crews literally build the home from the ground up. In contrast, prefab homes consist of separate components called modules that are constructed in a factory and transported to the site for final assembly.

Prefab Homes Feature Faster Construction Times

One major advantage of purchasing prefab homes for sale in DE and MD is that they can be built much faster than stick-built homes. Because the modules are constructed in a factory environment, there are no worries about bad weather interrupting the production schedule. The mass-production processes employed in a factory setting also ensures a rapid completion time. While it can take nine to 12 months to build a stick home, a prefab home typically only requires three to four months.

Prefab Homes Are Surprisingly Durable

Because prefab homes are often confused with mobile homes or trailers, they have an undeserved reputation for fragility. In fact, the opposite is true. Prefab homes proved their mettle during Hurricane Andrew, a devastating Category 5 storm that rocked Dade County, Florida in 1992. In the aftermath of the hurricane, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported relatively minimal structural damage in modular housing developments in the area. FEMA officials attributed the lack of damage to the inherent strength of the module-to-module construction system. Buyers of Delaware and Maryland prefab homes get a peace of mind from knowing that their residence is capable of withstanding the strong coastal storms that frequently impact the region.

Prefab Homes Are Energy-Efficient

Finding ways to reduce those skyrocketing home energy costs is a goal of many MD and DE homeowners these days. Prefab homes are known for their excellent energy efficiency. Most modular homes feature 2’ x 6’ framing for the walls, which allows for installation of additional insulation. Prefab homes also reduce air infiltration, which helps to prevent heat loss.

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Prefab Homes Are Friendly to the Environment

Specially engineered construction materials and in-plant recycling procedures ensure the prefabricated home building process remains extremely friendly to the environment. Construction sites also produce little waste. And while most waste from a stick-built home site ends up in landfills, modular sites recycle the majority of their waste.

Prefab Homes Are Completely Customizable

Prefabricated homes are not “cookie-cutter” structures. They’re available in a wide range of popular styles and include floorplans containing all the latest amenities. Buyers also have the option to customize floorplans to suit their tastes and lifestyle needs. It is totally possible to use a prefab home floorplan as a basis for designing a “dream home” in Maryland or Delaware. In many cases, you can also add on to an existing prefab home to create more living space.

Green Diamond Builders: Your Best Choice for Maryland and Delaware Prefab Homes

Green Diamond Builders has helped hundreds of Maryland and Delaware residents design and build the beautiful customized prefabricated home of their dreams — and we can do the same for you, too. We offer a wide variety of flexible floorplans that can be customized to your specifications. We also offer complete project management services to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. As a full-service builder, we can help you with everything from site selection and securing financing to site improvement and obtaining permits.

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To get a better idea of what it’s like to live in a prefab home in MD or DE, visit the Green Diamond Builders showroom in Felton, DE, or Middletown, DE. You’ll find a fully appointed model prefabricated home on display at each location. And feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information about our beautiful prefab homes for sale.

Don’t postpone your dream of living in a fabulous customized home any longer. Take the next step and visit or contact Green Diamond Builders today!

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