Robert & Tina

Responses to our Green Diamond Builders Survey from Robert & Tina

How would you rate your experience building with Green Diamond Builders on a scale of 1 – 10?   20, If my options are only up to 10 then I guess 10!!!


Is there anything about our sales or planning process you think we could improve upon?  Absolutely nothing


How do you feel the actual construction process went?  Did we keep you informed of the schedule and answer any questions you had? The construction process went smoothly, even during a pandemic!!!  We were informed promptly on the schedule and questions were answered quickly


Would you recommend Green Diamond Builders to colleagues?   If so, what things stand out in your mind that you would share with them about the process?  We would definitely recommend Green Diamond Builders (and have) to friends and family thinking about building in the future.  What stands out the most is by the time the process was completed we felt like the Green Diamond owners/employees were friends/family.  Not sure you would get that experience anywhere else!!!  And the house/garage is beautiful – all we could have hoped for!!!


Lastly, any additional comments or concerns. Green Diamond Builders is the Best!!